How To Make A Mousetrap Without Killing The Mouse – DIY Mousetrap

DIY mousetrap.

Let’s be honest here, a lot of people have a fear of mice, and they would do anything to get them out of their house.

Don’t get me wrong, I personally think that they are cute, but they can make a lot of mess and damage to the house. So, the best thing would be to catch them and get them out of the house and transfer them to somewhere safe and release them.

Not all of the traps are humane mostly common ones are poison, glue, guillotine-style levers.

There are a lot of innovative ways that you can use to trap a mouse without harming or killing them.

Some creative people in Russia discovered this alternative mousetrap that seems to work just fine.

And it’s very simple all you will need is a walnut and a bowl.

In the video bellow you will see the easy instructions and pretty soon, you will learn how to trap mice, without harming them.

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