Dove Soap Commercial Is About Transgender Motherhood – Dove Soap Ad

Dove launched Baby Dove, a line of wipes, washes and lotions. And also this video that explains that there are no perfect mothers, only real ones.

There are a lot of women who feel pressured to be perfect moms usually by the media, society, but what does it even mean? It’s not like a child comes with an instruction manual on how not to screw it up!

So you do what you know best, learn along the way, it’s a new journey for moms and their baby’s. you’ll worry, panic, wonder if you are doing everything the right way, and you’ll be overprotective all the time.

No one said that motherhood is going to be easy, so step by step every day, you just have to get by.

Taking care of another human being is a big responsibility and one of the most beautiful experiences you will ever have in your life.

Now as for this video, there are a lot of mixed feelings, not everyone is happy after seeing it, it’s also understanding, but I’ll let you guys watch it, and see it for yourselves.

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