Detective Gets Attacked By An Angry Canada Goose – The Goose Attack

Cop VS Goose

I don’t think I have seen anything funnier than this video in a while!

Detective, from Clarksville, Indiana had a good day till he encountered an angry Canada goose on his way back to the station.

Luckily for him he did not suffer any serious injuries, well maybe his pride a wee bit!

The reason the Detective was attacked is because the goose was defending it’s nest nearby.

Also some Landscapers working in the local area were also attacked by geese defending their nest.

‘Detective Hall forgot his keys. He then attempts to enter the building and is challenged by our local geese. Bad decision.’

“When I fell into the mulch, I was eye level with the female goose on her nest, and she was hissing at me as well,” he said.


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