Darren The Goat Loves Greeting Visitors By Waiving At Them – Saying Hello

Darren the waving goat

Goats are pretty neat and interesting creatures not to mention how cute they are when they are little. But can you imagine a goat waving? Neither could I till I stumbled across this amazing footage!

This goat’s name is Darren and he loves greeting and saying goodbye to the visitors and staff in a manner different from most goats, and that is by waiving!

In the footage bellow, you can see a lot of children lined up by Darren’s pen in order to see him and say ‘hi’, and it’s the cutest scene ever!

They even got to feed Darren, and I think that was Darren’s favorite part besides greeting the kids!

Unfortunately, Darren passed away in 2011, he was 11-years-old.

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