Dad Saved His Daughter’s Plush Toy Named Princess Pottymouth From A Wild Bear – Rescue Mission

Plush Bear Attacked by Wild Bear


A bear decided to visit a family’s cabin and be social with a plush toy named believe it or not, Princess Pottymouth!

A family was sitting outside enjoying a nice day and having a few laughs, when a Bear came along, in all confusion they managed to get inside the family cabin, but something was forgotten outside, Princess Pottymouth.

The Bear approached the plush kitty and a bowl of sugar that was in front of the kitty, then one of the kids yelled, ‘Daddy, go get it!’

So what did this brave father do? Well he went outside to where the Bear was to save his daughter’s plush toy.

In all of that confusion their dog went missing through a back door, so now the dog was out with the Bear. Then the Bear climbed a tree and went on the roof and decided to chill for a bit up there.

You can see this incredible video bellow and what happened next!



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