Christa Sierra Had Managed To Lose Weight And Inspire Her Whole Family – Amazing Transformation

Christa Sierra’s transformation

Christa Sierra had a rough time growing up, she had struggled with obesity since young age.

She was bullied a lot growing up, she was often called names, ‘fatty’ or ‘fatso’.

“I don’t know how we ended up being so large. I think we’re just a typical Southern family — we always ate huge portions of the wrong food,” she told Daily Mail in 2016.

When Christa was 14, doctors discovered a cyst the size of a basketball around Christa’s ovary. The reason why the cyst wasn’t visible was because of her size.

Doctors also told Christa that she was diabetic, and that she may not live past 21 if she were to continue with her bad habits.

Christa tried changing but to no avail. When she turned 21 she weighed 400 pounds. Christa contracted a serious infection and because of that she was forced to use a walker, and that finally was her wake-up call.

She wanted to lose 40 pounds in just two months. She dropped amazing 100 pounds by month five. And now she is down by 190 pounds. She managed to inspire her family, altogether they managed to lose 500 pounds.

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was deeply depressed. I’d been bullied all of my life because of my size, so I used to comfort eat and drink — I’m so glad that’s over,” she says.

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