Charlie Was Out For A Walk With His Owner When A Group Of Ducklings Started Following Him – Chihuahua And Baby Ducklings

Ducks Follow Chihuahua

This cute Chihuahua was with his owner for a walk when something unexpected happened.

Charlie was enjoying a nice day and his walk, when all of sudden little ducklings showed up out of nowhere and started following him.

They confused him for their mommy or daddy. It was so cute, he also got confused and tried to back away.

His owner even said: “Charlie, they’re coming for you! They think you’re its mommy!”

When he backed away a bit, the ducklings returned to their real mom, and it was interesting to watch how they charged towards Charlie probably mistaking him for their mom.

I think that at some point Charlie was relieved when they left. 😀

The whole video is hilariously adorable. 🙂

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