Black Bear Decided To Take A Swim In A Family’s Pool – He Did Not Expect To Confront The Family’s Dog

Black bear confronts dog

A black bear visited nearby homes in the Bradbury-Monoriva area of the San Gabrial Valley. It’s roughly 25 miles east of Los Angeles. It’s not that uncommon in these mountains to see the bears roaming around the neighborhood.

That black bear walked on the walls, and tore down the fence in order to get on the other side, then decided to take a dip in a backyard pool in Bradbury.

The bear invaded the yard of the homeowner Eddie Hsu. But this homeowner had nothing to worry about or be scared because his dog Bao Bao was standing strongly against the black bear and at one point he even chased the bear away.

The bear definitely did not expect to be chased away by a dog.

It’s even better when you find out the meaning of the name Bao Bao. It is a Taiwanese name for meat bun!

Bao Bao is a true hero! He saved the day. 🙂

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