An Unidentified Man Stomped On Black Swans Eggs – A Real Tragedy For The Swans

I don’t know how people can be cruel, or even be capable of such terrible deeds.

But, nothing can surprise me anymore, even what this man did!

A man in Yangzhou, China trampled into an area with black swans. He saw some of the nesting ground built by some of the birds there and set about snatching up some black swan eggs. It’s really a heartbreaking to watch how he stomped swans eggs with his feet.

Two swans arrived to defend their eggs, poking at the man with their beaks. However, the man simply turned around and kicked the swans, injuring the wing of one of the birds.

By this point, the man had attracted the attention of a number of people who shouted for him to give back the eggs, while also taking photos. Instead, he began to stomp on the eggs. Finally, he was pulled out of the area by another man that appeared to be around 50-years-old.

The eggs laid by the swans were broken into pieces, right before the birds’ eyes. And that’s not even the worst part, he even laughed while doing that! The only thing the swans could do was watch as the whole thing was happening…

What makes this even sadder is the sheer pointlessness of the crimes. The black swan eggs are not edible, cannot be incubated again and may burst in hot temperatures if on display.

But that doesn’t excuse the man’s behavior, or what he did, he had no right!

Images via NetEase

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