An Interesting Facts About Foxes You Might Not Know – Foxes The Friendly Creatures

They are caring parents, playful and often friendly animals.

Foxes love to play. They play with each other and with other animals. One of their favorite toys are balls, but since it is difficult to find the perfect ball in the wild, foxes will often steal a ball from the golf course.

A fox in Switzerland recently became obsessed with stealing a ball that even the players are not able to scare it away.

Foxes are naturally curious animals. As such, they occasionally approach other animals, even those which in certain circumstances could be their enemy. There are a number of cases of foxes that have become friends with dogs or cats, and often the fox was the one who approached the other animal.

The lifespan of foxes is one to three years in the wild, but some may live up to ten years.

Also foxes may be monogamous in some areas, while in other areas they are polygynous.



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