An Injured Raven Was Helped By A Woman – Incredible Raven Rescue


Wild animals usually keep their distance from humans; some may approach out of curiosity or if they find you interesting enough.

In this footage that you’re about to see, an injured raven asked a woman for help.

He was on the fence and squawked for over an hour.

We don’t know what exactly happened, but he had four porcupine quills stuck in him, three in the side of his face and one in his wing. It must have been very painful for him because he was very vocal about it.

A woman in the video approached the injured raven and started helping him by removing quills. The raven didn’t fly away, he knew he needed help.

He hung around for the day and was gone the next.

Ravens are considered to be the most cleverest animals in the wild, so it’s not surprising what this raven did.

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