Amy Zuno And Her New Husband Eric Decided To Do A Trash The Dress Video – Almost Resulting In Real Tragedy

Bride nearly died trashing her dress

Every girl, woman, dreams about their wedding day ever since they were little.

And they want everything to be perfect, to have a beautiful wedding cake, a venue, a man they love saying those faithful ‘I do’. Not to mention a photo op, where they look beautiful and stunning wearing their dream wedding dress.

Unfortunately for this stunning bride, she nearly lost her life due to a poor judgment.

Amy Zuno and her new husband Eric, decided to do a trash the dress video, for those of you who are not familiar with this term, it’s also known as ‘fearless bride’, and it’s a style of wedding photography with an environment in which it is out of place not to mention sometimes very dangerous.

What Amy Zuno did not realize is that her wedding dress would hold her beneath the surface of the water preventing her from resurfacing and breathing.

But fortunately for her, everything ended well, and they managed to save her from drowning.

Some trends are best not to be followed…

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