Alien landscapes on Earth – Weirdest Places in the World

Glowworms Cave on the North Island of New Zealand

Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, USA

Dragonblood Trees located in Socotra, Yemen

Skaftafell Glacier in Reykjavik, Iceland

Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico

Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, USA

Zhangye Danxia landform in Gansu, China

 Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada

Red Beach in Panjin, China

Monte Roraima located in Eastern Venezuela

Emerald Ice on Lake Baikal located in the south of the Russian region of Siberia

Fly Geyser in Nevada, USA

Pamukkale in Denizli Province, Southwestern Turkey

Tianzi Moutains in China


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