Adorable Cat Playing A Game With Her Human – And Doing Amazing Job By Winning Every Time

Are cats smart? (lol they are spawns of Satan, but we love them)

It is easy to talk about feline intelligence, but defining what that actually means, is very difficult. Cognitive psychology has several theories about the different forms of intelligence, and they can be adapted to estimate how many cats are really smart.

Regarding the awareness of space, body movement and intelligence and natural intelligence, cats are smarter than us, even dogs.

Some experts of behavior consider that cats ‘think’ in images and memorizing smells and sounds. It is proved that the kittens learn best by observation. Kittens who have a chance to watch the mother hunt the mouse will grow up to be a much better hunter than the kittens who never had that chance.

Here we have a fun test (just for fun) to evaluate if your cat is intelligent (or just lazy and usually ignores you)

This test can help to assess the overall intelligence of your cat.

Points: 0= never, 5= sometimes, 10= always

My cat is an independent and knows how to take care of herself.

My cat is trying to get me to fulfill what she wants.

My cat is lively, curious and in the mood for exploring.

My cat understands my feelings and moods and responds to them.

My cat is relaxed and quiet when people come into the house.

My cat knows her name and will come when I call.

My cat knows how to solve problems, for example, to open the cabinet.


0-25 – could be better

26-49 – quite intelligent

50-70 – a genius among cats


Oh yes, here is a cat showing off  her incredible skills (just likes to brag) with cup-and-ball game. And is killing it. 🙂

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