A Photographer Had One Hell Of An Experience When A Bear Got A Bit Too Close To Him – The Curious Bear

Brown Bear

You don’t get to see this every day!

Drew Hamilton, a photographer went out the McNeil River in Anchorage, Alaska in order to take pictures of nature. Well, he got a lot more than what he was hoping for.

While he was sitting by the riverside, a bear decided to sit very close by him, the bear wasn’t bothered by Drew that much, he just sat there, and kinda looked as if he was contemplating about life.

At some point, the bear got up, and got a bit too close to Drew as it was passing him by, and that gave Drew a startle as he said repeatedly, ‘Hey, Hey, Hey.’

And its understandable, at least he was very calm as much as one person can be in that situation.

Still, Drew got to make this amazing film, and he also shared a special moment with a bear for a few minutes, how cool is that?

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