A Lion Was Attacked By A Crocodile While Crossing The River – That’s Where The Other Lion Took Action

Lion attacked by a crocodile

If a crocodile and a lion were to engage in a fight, who do you think would have a chance at winning? Well, you are about to find out!

This incredible footage was filmed at Wilderness Safaris’ King’s Pool camp. A group of people were at safari at the time and someone managed to film this unbelievable encounter between two male lions and a crocodile.

Two lions were by the Linyanti river between Botswana and Namibia, drinking water, when the younger lion decided to go in the water, with every step taking him deeper he was closer to the crocodile that was on the other side waiting.

The older lion hesitated at first but followed his younger brother deep into the water just trailing behind him. As they swam closer to the crocodile, the younger lion was attacked by him, the older lion then attacked the crocodile defending his younger brother before going under the water.

The younger lion swam back to safety while the older lion pulled himself up into the reeds, they both managed to survive without injuries.

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