A Diver Was Diving At St. Clair River When A Freighter Appeared Over His Head – Scary Experience

Dive under freighter

Diving can bring you a lot of new and fun experiences that is unless you have a fear of water and diving.

And after seeing this video, I’m not sure it will help you get over the fear, but it will make you cautious.

This happened at St. Clair River, a diver was diving when a freighter appeared over his head. It was a close call and a scary experience.

But the important thing is that he remained calm and did not panic. If you start panicking while you are diving, it will not end well.

This is something that will make everyone be more careful and it also shows that anything can happen while you are under the surface of the water. Always be prepared, and the most important thing is that you do not panic!

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