A Cashier That Works At Walgreens Got A Surprise Of Her Lifetime – One Kind Deed A Day

Cashier gets the surprise of a lifetime.

Debi works as a cashier at Walgreens, due to her financial struggles, Debi had been working double shift in order to pay her bills.

Despite her financial troubles Debi is a kind woman and she greats every single customer with a smile and friendly exchanges.

Therefore, her customers always leave the store in a good mood and a smile.

One of her customers was a young man named Daniel Fernandez.

Daniel learned about Debi’s struggles, he decided to do something special for her!

Daniel went to Walgreens, where Debi works. He purchases a card for his “girlfriend.” When he went to check out, he stood in front of Debi and started chatting, he asked her if she remembers him from the last time he went to Walgreens when he was sick. The answer was, yes.

Debi was really excited about the card Daniel picked for his girlfriend. When she opened it she got a surprise she never expected.

Daniel told her that the card was actually for her!

You can watch Debi’s amazing reaction in the video bellow!

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