Fisherman Somehow Ended Up Playing A Tug Of War With A Great White Shark – Only In Australia

Australian fisherman and a great white shark

This Australian fisherman didn’t remember the rules to live by, and obviously forgot one that goes, ‘Do not push the head of a great white shark with your hand while playing the tug of war’.

This poor great white shark must’ve had its teeth stuck in the net and couldn’t get away, but fortunately the fisherman gave a helping hand and the shark swam away peacefully.

South Australian man Nic Wilks was fishing with his father off the coast of Port Pirie, north of Adelaide, when they had an encounter with the shark that appeared by the side of their boat.

Mr. Wilks was startled by this but somehow managed to keep his cool and get his net back and in the same process the shark swam away unharmed!

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