23 Pictures Of Plain Weird – Nothing Will Surprise You Anymore After Seeing This Collection.

We all know that strange things do happen, and we can at least say we witnessed something weird at least once.

I don’t know if I should give you a few hints about this post or I’ll just let you guys explore on your own and see things that can’t be unseen, buahahah, khm.

To sum it up here are some pictures let me correct myself ‘a great collection of weirdness’ put together just for your enjoinment!

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23. It’s just a normal day for this guy!

Reddit | SeizeTheNight57

22.  Welcome to Baltimore.

Reddit | zulfish

21. It’s family time!

Instagram | @kalesalad

20. It’s Pikayoncé  you ignorant fool.

Instagram | @kalesalad

19. Hmmm, ok.

Instagram | @kalesalad

18. Cause why not?

Imgur | CapCap

17. Seriously, what college do you go to??

Reddit | Mhx2015

16. There’s nothing wrong with this picture!

Reddit | Littlewing29

15. Oh damn!

Instagram | @thesavageposts

14. You saw nothing, just scroll down!

Reddit | pauldonatelli

13. I just don’t know anymore…

Reddit | Karrizma

12. When you have too much free time on your hands, things like this happen!

Reddit | midnight333233

11. Woohoo, party on … or rather not.

There’s a whole lot of dude sweat going on here

Reddit | imjustashadow

10. That’s not how you vegan, buddy.

Reddit | Teh_Nameless_One

9. Learn from your mistakes, dude!

Instagram | @whysext

8. Seems legit!

Instagram | @beigecardigan

7. When bae gives you a lift.

Instagram | @unemployed_professors

6. Yeah, sure.

Instagram | @hoodshiet

5. Just order your damn pizza, please.


4. Wine, a perfect way to meet strangers!


3. The tug life chose me.


2. A sleepover night (how not to do it)

Instagram | @imquackin

1. When you look good in both, but you’re indecisive.


Instagram | @kttiens

Main Image via Reddit | midnight333233

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