20 Random Pictures Of Celebrities – Photos You Have Never Seen Before


These pictures are ‘the’ pictures of celebrities.

It’s enough to take one glance to realize how amazing they are. I mean here you have Babe Ruth, John Lennon, Robin Williams and many more.

You can’t make a great picture collection of celebrities without half of these amazing people.

These are great. you’ve probably have never seen any of these photos before, so don’t worry I’ve got you covered, I hope that these will make your day, and that you will discover something that you didn’t know about your favorite celebrity.

Babe Ruth, dying from cancer, watching a baseball game at Yankee stadium 2 months before he died in 1948.

Jada Pinkett Smith was friends with Tupac Shakur in high school in Baltimore in the late 80s (shown here) up until his death in 1996.

John Lennon​ and his son Julian Lennon​ with a Rolls Royce Phantom V (custom paint job) in his garage in 1968.

Billy Idol with the Beastie Boys in NYC in 1986.

Sir Patrick Stewart enjoying a ball pit right after his wedding with his wife Sunny Ozell in 2013.

A young Simon Pegg preparing a camera for a project in the late 1980s.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was not taking ballet lessons FOR the documentary, but to improve his posing for the bodybuilding competitions.

Stephen Hawking experiences zero gravity on a special flight in 2014.

Billy Bob Thornton getting a kiss from his then wife Angelina Jolie in 2001.

Tom Hanks has a friend of this poor drunk guy take a picture of him missing meeting the actor in 2012.

Michael Jackson has a drink with some female midgets sometime in the 80s.

Marilyn Monroe lifting weights for a photo shoot in 1952.

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap as Santa Clause at the White House Christmas Party in 1983.

Muhammad Ali riding a small scooter in the 60s.

Christina Hendricks looking nothing like she does now as a teenager in the early 90s.

Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve hanging out in the late 70s. They were lifelong friends and roomed together at Juilliard.

Redd Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor pose for a photo at a charity softball game in 1989.

The Brady Bunch meeting the Jackson 5 in 1971.

Brad Pitt (far left) and Jason Priestley (second from right) hanging out with friends in their shared apartments before being famous, in 1987.

16 Year old Jessica Biel and 14 Year Old Scarlett Johansson modeling for a teen fashion magazine in 1998.

Source: http://imgur.com/gallery/oLGKm

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