15 Incredible Houses Designed By Nature Itself – Nature Friendly House Designs

Despite advances in technology, people are increasingly doing their bit to take care of nature — better-quality, more environmentally friendly things like plastic bottles, cotton bags, and organic cosmetics are now being sold in stores all over the world. Still, humans didn’t stop there, and some even started building eco-houses.
Bright Side collected stunning photographs of houses that Mother Nature helped build. There’s no doubt about it — she’s the best architect there is!

Tree House, Hokuto, Japan

© mymodernmet ©

A hut in the forest

© blogspot.com

Cave Dwellings, Cappadocia, Turkey

© imgur

The house near the water, Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

© panoramio

The house with a grassy roof, Ksёnzhitse, Poland

© divisare

Clay Huts, Arizona

© drprem

The Cave House, Troyes, France

© kronic-adventures.blogspot

The Hobbit Hole, Wales, United Kingdom

© wikinoticia

The Kandovan, Iran

© blogspot

The Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel, Styria, Austria

© travel

The Wooden Tree House, Portland, Oregon

© architizer

The House of Stone, Fafe, Portugal

© pinterest

The Luka Vuerich Hut, The Julian Alps (Italy, Slovenia)

© 4sport

The Dome House, France

© solaleya

The Hobbit House, Matamata, New Zealand

© tripadvisor

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar, Tanzania

© therockrestaurantzanzibar

Preview photo credit lushome.com




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