The Mom And A Baby The Whole World Is Talking About – April The Giraffe And Her Calf

April the giraffe gave birth to a healthy male calf in a private Animal Adventure Park.

The live stream of the newborn giraffe calf was followed by more than a half a million people. The calf stood on his unsteady legs about 45 minutes after birth. The Zoo owner said that mother and a calf are fine. The baby is April’s fourth calf.

The pregnancy lasted 15 months, and the birth itself takes between two to three hours.

The proud father, five-year old giraffe named Oliver watched everything from the neighboring enclosure.

April has a website and even clothing line. On the web page it has been collected more than 134,000 dollars, and the funds will be used for the care of animals.

There will be a contest to determine the name of the calf.

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