Kuippo The Panama Amazon Parrot Decided To Do A Duet – With A Recording Of Herself

The Panama amazon, also known as the Panama yellow-headed amazon.

Because they are highly sought after as pets, and because trapping of wild birds, which is now illegal, there has been a population decline. This has made them difficult to find.

Panama amazons are extremely playful, can be excellent talkers, and tend to be loud at times.

Panama Amazons are robust birds and will do well in either a cage with a playpen on top, or in an aviary. They are very active birds that like to climb and need plenty of chewing toys. Adding a hanging perch mounted above a playpen is great place for climbing. They do enjoy interaction and spending time with human companions, but enjoy time alone as well. They are quite content to entertain themselves for hours at a time just playing with their toys.

They will quickly begin to mimic sounds and become an excellent talker. They are very social, enjoy companionship, and become fast friends with their owner. They make great pets for devoted individuals and families.

Meet Kuippo, the green Panama Amazon parrot. She has an amazing voice. 🙂

She has learned many human vocal tricks from listening to music.She decided to do a beautiful duet with a recording of herself.

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