Father Plays A Peak-A-Boo With His Son – Then Reveals His Clean-Shaven Face

Peak-a-boo game

Playing peek-a-boo is a great way to entertain your babies – and they usually end up having a blast, laughing and enjoying, and it’s great to see how a simple game like that can bring them so much joy!

James was playing a game of peak-a-boo with his son, Rhett, and it was very entertaining to watch them and their reactions.

James’s wife Laura decided to film Rhett and James during their playtime. James threw a towel over his face then dropped it in order to make Rhett smile.

James wanted to surprise his son even more, so he shaved off his beard.

He knew that it would be a big surprise for Rhett and he couldn’t wait to see his reactions.

James put a towel over his face during a peak-a-boo game and waited for Rhett to take it off. And it was worth it, it appeared that Rhett was very upset with the lack of his father’s beard, he was not happy!



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