Australian Shepherd Filling In As Parent To 3 Tiger Cubs – An Inspirational Story

It always amazes me when animals show compassion to other animals in need.

I’m going to share this amazing story with you guys, it’s about 3 tiger cubs named Batari, Izzy, and Chira. Their mother started ignoring them and refused to show them any affection or care after their birth. The cubs were abandoned by their own mom. The zoo keepers decided to do something about that and came up with this plan as soon as they found out.

They brought in an Australian shepherd named Blakely to be their nanny. This isn’t a first time of Blakely taking care of other animals in need. He also raised and had taken care of other animals like they were his own kids.

He instantly bonded with the cubs. And he is teaching them the proper tiger behavior. The cubs are learning and receiving enough love before they are sent to the zoo’s Cat Canyon habitat after they receive all of their immunizations.

This is a valuable lesson in life, and we have much to learn from animals.

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