Amazing Photos Of Celebrities – 20 Interesting Pictures

If you wanted to see some awesome pictures of celebrities then you came to the right place.

I have a pretty neat collection of photographs of some of the greatest  actors/singers. But these are not your usual pictures, and that’s because you’ve probably have never seen them like this!

Each one of these people is amazing and incredible for their talent.

You might not know or have not heard about some of them, but you might want to google them, and find some great movies/music that you are going to love, trust me!

Well, I’ll leave you to it, enjoy this great collection! 🙂

A young John Candy hanging out with friends in the 1970s.

Jim Carrey staring at the paparazzi while wearing his girlfriends bathing suit in 2008.

Elvis Presley goofing off in bumper cars in Texas in 1956.

Sofia Loren and Charlie Chaplin promoting the film A Countess From Hong Kong (1967).


Bruce Willis in a dress and a wig while messing around for his kids in the 1990s. His daughter Scout tweeted out this picture for fathers day in 2014.

None other than Stan Lee doing a silly centerfold picture in 1983 hiding it all with just one of his comics, Batman vs. Incredible Hulk.

16 Year old Nicole Kidman doing a promo shoot for her teen film BMX Bandits (1983) in Sydney.

Gene Wilder with his wife Karen Boyer attending the US Open (tennis), as he did almost every year, in 2015. He is already in stages of the Alzheimer’s disease that he died of, but as always, he is still smiling.

Morgan Freeman taking silly pictures in a photo booth in the 1990s.

Kurt Cobain messing around in Singapore in 1992.


11 Year old Milla Jovovich showing off her being on the cover of Italian Lei magazine in 1987, one of her first modeling jobs in what would be a successful modeling and eventual acting career.

The Beatles relaxing in the sun in 1964.

Bruce Lee posing on a tiger rug in front of his home for a magazine shoot in the early 1970s.

Jack Nicholson eating a watermelon, sort of, sometime in the 1970s.

Sean Connery out for a stroll in 2014. Remember, he has been missing from the spotlight since retiring in 2003.

18 Year old Madonna doing a silly photo shoot in 1976, well before becoming the icon she did in the 80s.

17 year old Jodie Foster skateboarding in Paris for a Japanese magazine in 1977.

Keanu Reeves messing around in a photo shoot in the late 1980s.

Dustin Hoffman dancing with his first wife Anne Byrne in 1970.

Princess Diana as a 19 year old Kindergarten teacher in 1980.


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