A Woman Decided To Play A Game Of Hide And Seek With Her Dogs – Hide And Seek With Dogs

hide and seek

When it comes to childhood games, hide and seek was everyone’s favorite.

Discovering new hiding spots, having fun, and trying not to laugh was the best thing about this game and you could play it for hours and it never gets bored. But unfortunately, today’s kids don’t have that luxury since the internet, social media is more fun than actually going out and playing all day, till your parent’s call you it’s time to go home, and you try to stall just for 5 more minutes!

This version of hide and seek recently became my favorite, and that is because there is a group of playful dogs involved.

A woman in this video decided to hide from her three dogs. Two German shepherds and a Malinois. The dog’s names are Kurupai, Naika, and Dandy. 🙂

She hid behind a door, and her dogs began to search for her basically everywhere.

One of the dogs finally discovered her hiding spot and it was really adorable.

If you ask me, this version of hide and seek is the best one so far!


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