5 Rottweilers Wait For Their Mom To Give Them A Signal – Meal Time

5 Rottweilers

You’re about to witness something beyond adorable.

These are the most well-behaved Rottweilers I have ever seen. They are such sweethearts!

A lady from Welwyn Garden City in the United Kingdom was in the kitchen with her 5 Rottweilers . It was their feeding time.

She raised them well and properly as you will see in the video, they obey her every command. They are such good boys.

She started putting a bowl of food in front of each Rottweiler, and they all waited for her signal.

Before serving their meal she said wait, and then after she was done giving them their meal, she said one word, ‘GO’.

Their names are, Ralph, JJ, Stan, Roman, and Kizer. 🙂

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