100 People Eat A Banana In A Seductive Manner – It’s Totally Bananas

100 People Seductively Eat a Banana

Eating a fruit in public is usually no problem and it’s a healthy snack, but it’s a different story when it comes to a banana.

It gets pretty awkward making an eye contact with a stranger while eating a banana, and if you are with your friends they will usually stare at you laughing and make funny remarks, but is it that bad eating one in front of others?

100 people were asked to eat a banana in a seductive manner. It’s gets pretty tough eating it in a normal way just imagine how it would look like if you were to gulp it down while making funny faces and gestures that you find sexy enough?

Well you don’t have to, these people had done it, so you can see it first hand and the next time you decide to have a banana in public just think of this video!

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